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im gay for the red dots

Was hoping this was single player. 

Neat idea. Pretty cool stuff.


Is this singleplayer???


can you play with kee bord

Im confused, is this online or is it local Wi-Fi?


Please offer a volume adjustment or reduce the volume by 99%.

Sure thing, will work on that.


Doesn't work? Launched it, it's replaying my voice for unknown reasons in-game? I tried hitting all buttons and I don't move in it? Just viewing a Green screen with meters flickering everywhere and I can't do anything?

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Hi Neco, sorry for the inconvenience. I've added the description of the game, that should clear up some confusion. As for the green screen issue, it seems to be a bug we didn't encounter before. We'll do our best to fix it ASAP (also, expect builds for MAC and Linux).

The build turend out to be presentation-ready, but it does need a bit more love to be considered "finished" :)

Thanks for your feedback!

same i have no idea what to do is doing the same things for me